Why I QUIT teaching and other teachers should too

I quit teaching. 

I don’t care who tries to talk me out of it, I quit teaching! Yes I am a teacher and one my wonder, “Well how do you quit teaching if you are being paid to educate our children and you show up everyday in the classroom?”  My reply would be one that may startle people and at this point, I really won’t take to heart what people think nor their reactions to my statements or how I choose to engage my students for the duration of my career in the school systems. Especially when, 99.999999999% of the time they’ve never stepped a single foot inside my classroom or delivered a minute mini lesson from the curriculum set forth nor held a single conversation with a single student I am suppose to be entrusted to teach and in many cases mother.

So yes, I will continue to show up in my classrooms but, I will no longer be teaching according to the majority’s standard. There are too many students hurting, fumbling through their days and as a result their RAS (Reticular Activating System located at the base of your brain and responsible for filtering and allowing “data” into our brains according to what we are focus in on the most)  is blocked and as a result some students never allow the skills to from the Common Core Standards even get pass that filter.  Many children I encounter are focused on the right here and the right now. When you’re trying to keep the school bully off you tail, wondering what you’re going to eat when school lets out for the weekend, why mom keeps yelling at dad, if the boy from room 37 likes really thinks your pretty or why grandma died, when Daddy’s coming from what you think to be a endless war and how to get “Uncle Henry” to stop touching you, learning how to add fractions (or any other math skill) just doesn’t stick nor do the skills it takes to read text on or above your reading level.

I quit teaching. I won’t unwrap books before I “unwrap” and delve into the minds and lives of my students. I won’t encourage them to do their best on the 5 or more test they are mandated to take upon the first month of school before I began to understand the reality of their world or home life they are situated in. Hand me all the packages of new curriculums that you want me to weave into the overbooked school day and I may just leave them in the pile where you placed them in front of me. I quit teaching according to the majority’s standard. “Babies” are saturated with an inward blood bath because their hearts are a bit broken and bullies are breeding faster than we can report them.

So don’t ask me why I didn’t hit my SGO (Student Growth Objective).  When you walk into my classroom and you see learning objectives that read, the students will be able to:

  1.  begin to understand that words have power.
  2. understand how their actions directly effect the lives of others.
  3. differentiate the difference in between fact and opinion then begin to filter negative opinions from their mind;

don’t ask me if I am REALLY teaching. Don’t give me research about why I shouldn’t give up my lunch break to talk to students during what is suppose to be their recess time because they need to exercise; especially when once they get outside to “exercise” on most days a fight is highly likely. Allow me to work on the RAS, Recticular Activating System so that what I am delivering during my lessons stand a chance at actually entering their brain before the state mandates another test.

Again, I quit teaching according to the broken system’s standard. Why, because I have a heart to serve the youth and “beating” them over the head with books and test just isn’t working for me.



Mrs. Wilkins


*NOTE: I am speaking from my experience from just about 10 years of being a teacher, not on particular school year or group of students. Click the blue like to learn more about the RAS. I am a huge brain geek and the concept of brain based teaching has been on my radar for years.*


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