The term Selah (Say-La) to most simply means to think. Selah appears often at the end of a verse in the Bible particularly in the books Habakkuk and Psalms.

The title came about while mulling over ideas for book covers with a loved one. I expressed that the purpose of this poetry journal was simply to get people to stop and think outside of the realms of their daily lives he chimed, “SELAH!” I replied, “What does THAT mean!” He simply stated, “Stop and think!” I immediately texted another close friend, “What does selah mean?” Instantly she replied, “stop and think!” I was thrilled.

I knew that I was looking for a simple repeated pattern on the cover that wasn’t gender specific and my musically gifted loved one said that Selah made him think of the quarter rest symbol, which directs the musician to rest for one beat. Being so literal in my interpretation of most things I encounter, I thought that the beauty, simplicity and meaning of the musical note was perfect for what I wanted to convey. Therefore, the cover of this particular book, Selah, Stop and Think is embroidered with the musical note which urges us to rest or stop for a bit to just think.

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