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Do you feel like the summer is almost over and you hadn’t had a moment to take your child on very many trips where learning is the primary goal? Well, everyone knows that I love teaching in every capacity. Many people have known for years that I have done “Summer Homeschool” with my little girl since she was 2. As a result, she remains advance in all areas academically.

This year I thought of you as I mapped out our onsite learning experiences for the month of August and we are looking forward to having your child join us on our many planned field trips.

Each trip has a specific learning objective and promises to be both educational and fun. Your child (must be school age) will share this experience with other children in his or her age group.

So what do you need to do to sign up you ask?

  1. Review the trips below and decide on the trips that you would like your child to attend based on your schedule and family budget. *I wish I could take all of the children for free, but please know that the fee associated with each trip includes travel, meals, snacks, drinks, admission fees. * ATTEND ALL 12 TRIPS FOR $135

  2. Contact me, Sherrie Wilkins immediately via email, or telephone to express interest for your child. I will only be taking 5 children on these learning experiences and they will be booked on a 1st come, 1st served basis.

  3. Arrange for payment for your child’s trip(s) at least 3 days prior to the scheduled event via check or money order (mail/in person), cash (in person) or Cash App (FREE app available for use on all electronic devices).

  4. Discuss/arrange pick up and drop off plans for your child 3 days in advance by contacting me, Sherrie Wilkins directly. I will be willing to work with you but, you have to let me know your family’s needs and be flexible.

  5. Sign a permission slip/travel agreement before the day of the learning experience.

Please know that you will NOT need to send any additional money or food with your child unless you WANT to; everything is included with the listed fee.

The children will be able to:

  1. understand the importance of reading for pleasure at the Willingboro Public Library while engaging the summer reading program ran by librarian Sandy Cronce. Children will engage in story time and complete reading logs that will be used to earn free items (TD bank account, free book from Barnes & Nobles, Chuck E Cheese tokens). $5

  2. interact appropriately with children in their age group and be able to understand that rules are there to keep them safe. Before the trip to Six Flags Great Adventure the children will also be taught basic rules to become more aware of their surroundings and how to interact when approached by strangers (if your child has a season pass please contact me to discuss subtracting that value from the listed fees). $59.96

  3. take a walk in the footsteps of the “Founding Fathers” during Constitutional Walking Tour in Philadelphia. The children will gain a basic understanding of the constitution of the U.S.A. $22

  4. learn strategies for writing a great summary or retelling main ideas and supporting details (dependent upon age) after watching a familiar movie at the Regal Movie Theater (NOT A NEW RELEASE). $5

  5. understand the importance of reading for pleasure during a trip to Classic’s Bookstore in Trenton and settling in to read books in the children’s section of this cozy used bookstore. Children will engage in story time, choose one book to purchase and complete reading logs that will be used to earn free items (TD bank account, free book from Barnes & Nobles, Chuck E Cheese Tokens). $10

  1. relax and enjoy a movie under the stars during the Movie at the “Beach” courtesy of the Pemberton Township Recreation Department. $5

  2. understand how each living creature depends upon one another (Food Chain) for survival during an OVERNIGHT (female assistant attending) trip to the Cape May Zoo and beach. $65.62

  3. finish an informative scavenger hunt as we explore the Philadelphia Zoo. $30

  4. begin to realize that Black History is in fact, America’s History as we tour the African American Museum in Philadelphia. $18

  • turn in Barnes & Nobles reading log (provided by me or downloaded online) and receive a free book in exchange for reading for pleasure. $5

My little Lani already has these learning experiences written down on her personal calendar. She is so excited and so am I! We will go on these trips as planned but, we would love to include your child in each experience. If you need any additional information about any of the scheduled trips or more details about the pricing or learning objectives please don’t hesitate to call, email or text me.

Sherrie Wilkins

Founder of Best of Me, Y.E.S.

(Youth Enrichment Services)



Email:  sherrieyvette@outlook.com for the calendar of learning experiences. 

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