5 Ways to Make June 9th a Date Night, Bae Night or maybe just a Girls Night Out

So it’s no secret that I love my husband. But, did you know that we are actually 6 years apart?

[I actually forgot & had to ask him how old he was when he walked into the room] HA-HA


I really forget and it’s for that very reason that I say, don’t put too much emphasis on an age difference.

BUT, that’s not what this journal entry is about.

I actually wanted to tell you about the defining moment that made me put my worries about our age difference aside and tell you how to make June 9th a Date Night, Bae Night or maybe even a Girls Night out!

And No, Jesus didn’t tell me to stop trippin’ over our age difference!

After talking on the phone and texting for a few months, my now husband, Alan told me he was going to send me a song that reminded me of our new found relationship that was developing. Being all “judgey” and thinking of the average 23 year old of our times, I thought,

“Now if he sends me some cheesy rap song this is OVER!”

I clicked the link and began crushing hard (I was not attracted to my husband when we met the moments that followed created such a wild attraction that surely will never fizzle).

The jazz song was called, Highschoolish by Walter Smith III.

He tapped into one of my hidden loves; JAZZ!

He said he chose that song to describe our budding relationship because it reminded him of being young and the excitement of meeting that new person you had a crush on.

Ok, come on now; everyone has had those head over heels type of relationships growing up! It’s what my mom use to call, “Puppy Love,” so you get what I’m saying.

I knew that the 23 year old I was getting to know was distinctly different.

Alan’s love for music is evident. We’ve never stopped bonding over all types of music. A lot of our date nights involve some sort of moment where we are enjoying music. He’s gifted and his music is able to transcend the daily realms of life and take you to a new place. Where that place may be, is up to you.

So here are 5 ways you can make June 9th a Date Night, Bae Night or maybe even a Girls Night Out:

  1. Come to the location where Alan and I had our first kiss [I’ll save that story for later…. If he lets me]. The Burlington Riverfront here in South Jersey is a hidden gem. On a spring or summer night it’s a perfect location to take a stroll and get to know your new love interest or remind your significant other of just how much he or she is loved. Alan’s Live Showing of his music starts at 8pm. After the show, parking down at the Burlington Riverfront overlooking the Delaware River and popping in your Resonate CD (you’ll get a free one if you reserve your tickets in advance) is a perfect way to enjoy the rest of the evening with your sweetie!

  2. Take a stroll! The weather is supposed to be nice on Friday! Walk hand in hand along the Riverfront and enjoy the view. Gentlemen, if you’re planning the date be sure to tell her to bring flats and if you’re real smooth like someone I know, if you play an instrument, you’ll bring that and play a love song and sweep your lady off her feet!

  3. Before or after the Live Show at the Burlington Meeting House on High Street you and your friends/date can hang out Curtin’s Wharf, which is located at 501 E. Pearl Street. It’s a hop, skip and jump from the venue. It’s a great restaurant with seating overlooking the water and the food is equally as great. The restaurant’s hours are 11am-9:30pm and the bar stays open until 11pm (we don’t drink, but love appetizers at this hour). On certain nights, this location also has live music for guests.

  4. Whether you’re into people watching or watching each other Legend’s is a great spot to do this. This pizza restaurant and tap room is next door to the LIVE Jazz SHOW Alan is hosting at the Burlington Meeting House. There’s both indoor and outdoor seating and according to their website, this location stays open til 2am. I love the unique names and toppings of their pizzas here. Hang here to chat with your ladies or special someone either before or after the show on Friday.

  5. Ummm’s Ice Cream Parlor closes at 10pm, but promises to provide sweet treats. This ice cream shop features homemade ice cream and milkshakes with unique flavors and special toppings. The location on High Street is within walking distance of the Live Jazz Show and features both outdoor and indoor seating.

These spots are some of my favorite local Date Night, Bae Night, Girls Night locations. We’ve spent countless hours here.

Go ahead and reserve your tickets for Alan’s Live Showing of his new music from his recent EP, Resonate. Trust me, as a lover of Jazz and music period, you and your friends or date will not be disappointed.

You may purchase tickets at the door, but reserving your tickets in advance gets you preferred seating and a signed copy of the CD. Light refreshments will be served for all guests.

Lastly, if you are looking for a location within south Jersey that stays open later try hop on 295 South and head to Red Stone in Marlton and order what I like to call the “Happy Wife Soup (sweet corn & shrimp corn chowder; they only serve it on Fridays)!”


Sherrie Wilkins is a published author who loves her husband who believes that jazz is poetry! We both love to make beautiful art to inspire the masses!

Read my Book- SherrieYvette.com  

Listen to His Music- AlanWilkinsMusic.com

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