Birthday Countdown & Reflection, TOMORROW is PARTY DAY and I am not feeling well. Here’s what I had on my mind today.




Sometimes being a mother is overwhelming. So many decisions to make and sometimes it seems like so many life altering things that we could mess up in the process. Our children never came with an instruction manual! We must be quick to forgive ourselves as parents when we don’t’ get “it” right or when we just don’t know how to handle the sticky or stinky situations that arise!


Caption: Ailani Faith upon birth; the rowdiest she’s ever been in her whole life!


Yes, we understand that these are little people each unique in their own right. They are all individuals which means one person’s parenting style may be different from the next and that is fine. There’s no need to compare our children nor ourselves to other parents.


Caption: Ailani and Mommy before her pre-school graduation from Future Scholars in Hainesport,NJ (highly recommended).



Truly, my focus is giving my little girl everything she needs and some of what she wants and counting on God the Father to give her her heart’s desires. When I fall short as a mother and am confused about how I should proceed sometimes, I seek our Father, Abba, Daddy, God! I count on Him to supply all of our needs and feel in the pieces that I miss, don’t see and am not capable of fulfilling.




It seems like we are so far away from that goal and the next meet is approaching soon.


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